Why Choose Lulu Candle Co.?

Lulu Candle Co. is a small business owned and operated in Huntsville, Alabama, by Luisa Morenilla, a lifetime resident of the city. Luisa started the business when her favorite seller of local, handcrafted goods, The Switch House, permanently closed. She missed the unique scents the store sold that she couldn't find in chain stores, as well as the friendly, personal service the store owner offered. With Lulu Candle Co. Luisa is indulging her love of quality scented candles, while providing her customers with the customized, friendly service Huntsville's local businesses are known for. And you can enjoy the personal service even if you don't live in Huntsville; we ship nationwide!

We take pride in creating premium quality products. We select the highest quality waxes, fragrance and essential oils for each of our candles. We use a custom soy-based wax blend that is formulated to maximize scent output and extend burn time while minimizing soot. The result is a product that is as high (or higher!) quality as any candle sold by a reputable corporate brand, but crafted with care, attention to detail, and consideration of our customers' preferences and needs.

Each and every candle produced by Lulu Candle Co. is lovingly handcrafted. We thoughtfully select fragrances that are uplifting, comforting and delightful. We make small batches by hand, each time mixing our unique soy-based wax blend and carefully infusing each batch with the ideal amount of fragrance oil before pouring and wick-ing each candle by hand.  

We encourage you to compare our prices with those of other quality candles--from corporate brands as well as from local artisans. We think you'll agree that Lulu candles beat the others on value, hands down. We never sacrifice on quality, but we know how to maximize the value of our dollar when it comes to our costs, so that you can maximize the value of yours!

Want to make the most of Lulu Candle Co.'s great value? We are pleased to offer wholesale pricing options as well.

Questions or comments? Contact us today at lulucandleco@gmail.com. We love to hear from you and to learn how we can better serve you.