Wholesale Pricing

We are pleased to offer our candles and wax melts at wholesale prices for retailers and companies or organizations who wish to purchase twelve or more of any of our products.

Please contact us at lulucandleco[at]gmail.com for information about our wholesale options and pricing.

Lulu Candle Co. is a small business owned and operated in Huntsville, Alabama, by Luisa Morenilla, a lifetime resident of the city. We handmake premium quality scented candles and wax melts using the highest quality waxes, fragrance and essential oils. We use a custom soy-based wax blend that is formulated to maximize scent output and extend burn time while minimizing soot. The result is a product that is as high (or higher!) quality as any candle sold by a reputable corporate brand, but crafted with care, attention to detail, and consideration of our customers' preferences and needs.